In our home, doTERRA Essential Oils provide us with safe, natural alternatives to chemical and pharmaceutical products. If you'd like to enjoy the benefits of doTERRA essential oils in your home or wellness office, you'll find all of the information you need to get started below. I'm right here to answer any questions. 

Two options

  • You may purchase your doTERRA Oils as a Wholesale Customer and receive your Oils for 25% off retail. You'll also have the option to earn points to exchange for products each time you place your optional monthly order (also known as your LRP, or Loyalty Rewards Program order). It's similar to a frequent flyer plan. As a Wholesale Customer, you have no obligations other than to learn and enjoy.
  • You may also consider building a business with doTERRA, by becoming a Wellness Advocate. As a Wellness Advocate, you’ll receive your Oils for 25% off retail, the option to earn points as above, plus you'll have the chance to earn commissions and grow a team. If you choose to build a team and earn commissions, you'll want to schedule a monthly order (LRP) which makes you eligible to earn those commissions. That monthly order is optional, but if you're building a business, it's important, and always fun to receive and try new products. Note, if you start as a Wholesale Customer, you may always upgrade your Account to become a Wellness Advocate later. Easy.

Two steps

Step 1: Pick your enrollment kit. Here are 5 options, perfect for exploring the wondrous uses of the Oils for your wellness.  

  • Home Essentials Kit
    Your investment: $270. You'll receive a few of our most popular Single Oils and Blends and a free Diffuser. This is great for personal use.
  • Emotional Aromatherapy Diffused Kit
    Your investment: $195. The Emotional Aromatherapy Blends are stunning; these are the blends with which I personally work the most, and this Kit comes with the new Lumo Diffuser as well.
  • Family Essentials Kit and Beadlets
    Your investment: $150. This Sample Size Kit is great for personal use, with 10 of our most popular Oils and Blends as well as Peppermint Beadlets and On Guard Beadlets.
  • Aromatouch® Diffused Kit
    Your investment: $150. Enroll with this kit to experience a variety of Essential Oils that can also be used for massage using doTERRA's renowned AromaTouch Technique. This Kit comes with a Diffuser as well as a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil.
  • Build Your Own Kit
    Your investment: $35+. You can also create your own kit. Just add the $35 Enrollment Booklet to your cart plus any other oils and products you want to start with. 
  • Details and even more options.

Step 2: Once you’ve chosen your Kit, click here to place your order

The benefits of a monthly order

With doTERRA's Loyalty Rewards Program, you'll earn free points for products; up to 30% back every single month in free points (redeemable for products just like miles on the airlines). And you'll be eligible for Product of the Month and other treats.  

In your Loyalty Rewards Program monthly order, you'll choose supplies you're already buying elsewhere each month, to detoxify and upgrade your household to the cleanest possible products. 

Here are our favorites (and they smell incredible):

You're shifting your household budget to dōTERRA so you can "pay yourself" to buy the products you'll use and need. Similar to a frequent flyer program, each time you purchase, you receive points back, and as they accrue, you can buy a lot for free.

The Yoga Collection

The Yoga Collection is dear to my heart. Launched in October 2017 and created with the help of my teacher Elena Brower, the collection consists of three blends: Arise, Anchor, and Align. This innovative trio is designed to bring you back to yourself, center you in your heart, and lift your mood. Headstand not required.  

Questions? I'm here for you.