Flow, bae

Tune Up Fitness co-founder flowing through Propellor Arms. 

Tune Up Fitness co-founder flowing through Propellor Arms. 

I recently contributed an article to the Tune Up Fitness website (3 tips for finding flow). I wrote how flow state can feel like riding Splash Mountain, but I was only using my imagination. I’d never actually experienced the log flume firsthand. 

It almost stayed that way, even during my first trip to Disneyland last week. I saw the 5-story drop, heard the screams (followed by the sound of a tsunami that drowned out the screams), and swore "Not me!"

But by our final day at the park, making Cubby happy (Tip #1: Pursue activities that spark joy) outweighed my fear of falling fifty feet long enough for us to reserve Splash Mountain tickets. While we were waiting in line, I hit my max heart rate and leaned on all of my yoga practice to stay calm (Tip #2: Exercise your “paying attention” muscle, also focus on the little girl who barely meets the height requirement but has chosen the front seat of the log). Finally, I prayed that Cubby wouldn’t feel guilty for the rest of his life if I died on this ride (Tip #3: Set clear goals and get feedback), a cast member smiled, wished us luck, and we were off.

That night, on our still a little wet walk to the Uber pickup zone, I received word that my flow article had been published. The Splash Mountain mention and the day’s events flooded my consciousness. I laughed. Yep, sometimes life feels like Splash Mountain, and sometimes it’s better than you could've ever imaged.
XOm, Jonathan

P.S. I also recorded a new meditation. Scroll down to #2 to listen.