The Crown: Your corporal highness


We've arrived at Sahasrara, the Crown Chakra, pure consciousness. Located at the very top of the skull or perhaps just above, Sahasrara means "thousandfold" and is represented by a thousand-petalled lotus flower signifying the infinite. Here lies our gateway to spirit, the divine, and the unknown. If you look at the chakras as both a ladder of spiritual evolution and a progression of life's phases, the qualities of the crown chakra can often be felt in very old age as we grow closer to death and to liberation. The veil is thin here, and when we are aligned with the energy of the 7th chakra, we touch transcendence and reside comfortably in mystery.

When connecting to the source at Sahasrara, we become a witness of our own awareness. We glimpse the true Self, Purusa, the soul, and are capable of seeing that Self in all, and, like a mirror, all the vastness of existence within the Self. 

"The Self is everywhere.
Bright is the Self. 
Indivisible, untouched by sin, wise,
Immanent and Transcendent. It is he/she
Who holds the cosmos together."

- from the Isha Upanishad

Physical Practice: Great mental stillness is needed to perceive this ultimate state, and this chakra is where meditation is most fully realized. 

Find a comfortable meditation seat. This could be cross-legged sitting up on a pillow or block, or in virasana, on the knees, sitting on a block between the heals. Close your eyes, feel the stability in your pelvis and very gently lift the back of the skull to encourage the spine to lengthen. Let your breath flow in and out with ease for several cycles. Inhale deeply and extend the arms out and up towards the sky, bringing the palms to touch in a prayer shape. Slowly bend the elbows and lower the hands to just above the head as you peel the palms apart but leave the fingertips touching. This is Hakini mudra, usually associated with clarity of mind and Ajna chakra, but in this position, floating above the crown chakra, we use it as a conduit to the divine, connecting matter to spirit. 

Breathe in and out of the space between the palms. See if you can sense the energy circulating there within the emptiness. As you breathe, feel into the space between all the cells in your body, the space between the thoughts and emotions. Enjoy the simple act of breathing and noticing, of letting your awareness rise to the surface, of letting your inner Self emerge. 

Gently let your hands rest on the top of your head, on your crown chakra. Offer your gratitude to the mystery of life and to yourself for traveling so far into the unknown every single day. 

Essential Oils: There are several essential oils that elevate the crown chakra, although the simplicity of Frankincense is the epitome of spirit.


Photo by Lizzie Lasater