Be your purpose


Marianne Williamson is my adult-life guidance counselor. In her books and weekly talks, she reminds me to be brave and kind and to relax.

I started Marianne’s new teacher training program this week, and a student asked about purpose and ambition. Only one question was asked, but many were answered. I hope this helps you too.

How did you find your greater purpose?

Marianne Williamson: "Your purpose is to be the woman that God would have you be in any moment. There is no other purpose. There is nothing greater.

"We all have the same purpose, and that is to be the faucet for the divine waters to flow through. You’re not the water. You’re the faucet.

"What is special about you doesn’t come through when you’re trying to be special. These thought forms [trying to be special or unique] are very insidious.

"And today the problem is that they’re in vogue. Find your purpose? There is nothing to find. It’s be your purpose. Because 'find' implies I don’t have it, but I will find it. It’s out there, which is just a sly way the ego has of keeping you out of the present moment.

"I know what my purpose is. Yes, it has been revealed to me. [My purpose is] talking to you in this moment. I know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to be doing. I’m supposed to be here. How do I know? ‘Cause I am here. That’s how you know."


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