New year, new body parts to massage


On Tuesday, after folding our blankets the way Judith Hanson Lasater taught us, we settled into the first Reboot Camp class of 2018 with an Ear Shen Men aromatic acupoint “massage.” Part of the Peter Holmes' protocol for relaxing tense conditions, Ear Shen Men plus Bergamot lifts the spirit, calms anxiousness and restores balance to the nervous system.

and restores balance to the nervous system. 

To practice this on your own (or another): 

  1. Place a single drop of Bergamot on one of your index fingertips. 
  2. Tap your index fingertips together to distribute the oil.  
  3. Lightly touch your anointed fingertips to Ear Shen Men, located at the top of the ear (blue dot below). The lighter the touch, the greater the shen effect. 
  4. Close your eyes and tune in to your breath. 
  5. Spend 40 – 60 seconds here, or until you sense a change in state in yourself or the other. 
  6. Bring your palms to meet in front of your heart and inhale the lemony-sweet infusion.

We spent the next 45 rolling our core, front and back. After class, my friend Annie shared a line from Tennyson, the perfect ending to this week’s dispatch. 

Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, “It will be happier.”