There are so many ways to make yourself crazy


But there's one way I know for sure to be kinder to yourself and others, to feel connected and motivated and right where you need to be... a consistent meditation practice. 

A few weeks ago, I had the ultimate pleasure of meditating with legend Sharon Salzberg in NYC, and she offered three tips for starting a meditation practice:

  1. Sit every day: The latest science shows that meditating as little as 9 minutes a day for a month will change your brain. 
  2. Investigate: Use an app, read a book, anything to reassure you that you're doing a good thing (by meditating) and doing it "right." Note: You can't fail at meditating. 
  3. Play: Find creative ways to practice mindfulness throughout the day. This is how we form new habits and thought patterns. For example, the next time your phone rings, don't pick it up right away. Let the first ring signal a new opportunity to be mindful, the second ring a reminder to notice your breath, the third ring, well, you should probably pick it up on the third ring. But just imagine how much clearer the connection will be when you do.


P.S. Sharon's 8th Annual Real Happiness Meditation Challenge begins again February 1. It's one month of guided meditations and it's free. Who's with me? Click here to register.