This pose is magic


Of Basic Relaxation Pose, Judith Hanson Lasater writes, "This pose is magic, and the magic is that it doesn't work if you don't do it." I couldn't agree more. In fact, it's the reason I try to end every Reboot Camp class with up to 20 minutes in BRP. 

Why 20? It takes the average person's body 10 to 15 minutes to relax physiologically and move into parasympathetic dominance (the rest/digest state). Once you're there, growth and healing can begin. 

To practice Basic Relaxation Pose at home: 

  1. Gather a pillow, at least two of your favorite blankets, and a timer set for 20 minutes.
  2. Find a quiet place to lie down, preferably a comfortable rug or carpeted floor.
  3. Roll one blanket and place it under your knees. 
  4. Rest your head on the pillow, tucking your chin ever so slightly. 
  5. Cover up with the other blanket for warmth. 
  6. Spread your arms open in Pavarotti mudra
  7. Start the timer. 
  8. Repeat daily. Restorative Yoga teacher's orders.

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