Waves are free


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Every summer, my beautiful friend Kristen invites us to join her at Greenwood Lake. We kayak, we puzzle, we eat ice cream at sunset on a hilltop overlooking the meadow where the cows who made the ice cream possible graze. (I know!)

In honor of Lake Week 2017, I want to offer you a very relaxed, yet incredibly powerful practice. Simply...

1. Smile
2. Wave
3. Repeat

Here’s Seth Godin with all of the details.


Seth Godin: When someone lets you into the flow of traffic, or holds a door, or takes a second to acknowledge you, it's possible to smile and offer a wave in response.

This, of course, costs you nothing.

It creates a feeling of connection, which is valuable.

It makes it more likely that people will treat someone else well in the future.

And it might just brighten your day.

The simplest antidote to a tough day is generosity. Waves are free, and smiles are an irresistible bonus.