Muladhara: The beginning of spiritual development


This week, our chakreducation continues with a lesson from December's guest teacher, Kareth Whitchurch.

Muladhara, the root chakra, located at the base of the spine and the pelvic floor, connects us to the earth. It calls on the most primal of needs: food, shelter, safety. Yet a strong root chakra also carries with it a sense of belonging, of being perfectly cared for exactly as we are, of going home. This is the beginning of spiritual development.

Any activities that make one feel grounded activate the root chakra and can help to alleviate fear and anxiety. Foot massages, digging the toes in the sand or grass, and spending time in nature are simple ways to bring Muladhara into balance.

Physical practice
Sit in Badhakonasana, bound angle pose. If your knees or hips are tight, sit up on a blanket. You can tuck a pillow under each knee for extra support if you like. Sit up tall, holding onto the ankles and close your eyes. Become aware of your breath. Notice each place you feel contact with the earth or props. Feel the heaviness of the pelvis sink into the ground and bring your awareness even lower, visualizing an extension of your spine growing a deep network of roots below. Take slow steady breaths into the belly.

Use a couple drops of essential oil (as mentioned below) on the feet. Give your feet a good massage as you're sitting upright, pull gently on the ankles to extend the spine, then tilt forward from the waist, slowly folding over the feet and take slow deep breaths, inhaling the earthy scents of nature, breathing into stability and comfort.

EO recommendations
Essential oils that support root chakra energy are often considered base notes in perfumery and aromatherapy: cedarwood, myrrh, and vetiver. For example, try using a couple of drops diluted with a little almond or olive oil in the above exercise or on the feet just before bed.

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(image from Mathew Browne)