Svadhisthana: The vessel of creativity, sexuality, emotions, desire, and pleasure


Svadhisthana, the Sacral Chakra, is the vessel of creativity, sexuality, emotions, desire, and pleasure. Thought to be located between the naval and the genitals and, in females, identified with the womb. The reproductive energy contained in this center can be applied to all creative pursuits, and we can tap into its life-giving wisdom anytime we need to connect to what we truly, genuinely want in life. What qualities are we attracted to? And how can we recognize those qualities within ourselves and create a life that is ultimately a work of art? Change and metamorphosis are big themes as we move out of our comfortable structure, begin to perceive duality, and learn to let go.

Svadhisthana embodies the element of water and the energy of the moon; therefore intuitive, fluid movements brings the Sacral Chakra online. Connection to the outer flow of the body, the inner flow of creativity, emotional intelligence, and the ability to accept change signify a healthy second chakra. If any of these aspects feel stuck or blocked, you can rely on dance, usic, massages, ingering in or around water, r any activities that elicit joy to get the juices flowing.

Physical practice: Lie on your back, reach your arms and legs up towards the sky and begin to rotate the wrist and ankles, prompting the synovial fluid of the joints to flow. Place the hands on the knees and draw circles to get the hip sockets in on the action. Hug the knees into the chest and roll forward and back until you have enough momentum to roll all the way up into a squat. Bring your palms to touch, lightly press the elbows into the thighs. Close your eyes and feel the energy at the lower abdomen, pelvis, and sacrum spreading and circulating. As you take slow breaths, imagine all the liquid within the body (blood, water, cerebrospinal, lymphatic fluid, etc.) flowing throughout and bringing nutrients and change to every crevice. After several breaths, place your hands on the ground, slowly straighten the legs folding forward with the head and neck relaxed and roll up to stand with bent knees.

Playlist: Get your groove on with this Spotify playlist for your second chakra.

Essential oils: My favorite essential oils for Svadhisthana are sandalwood, cardamom, and ylang ylang. You can combine all three with either almond or grapeseed oil for a self-massage or Ayurvedic Abhyanga practice.