Don’t just sit there


Last month, biomechanist Katy Bowman spoke to teachers at the Yoga Tune Up Super Summit. I was so inspired that by the time I returned home, I had read two of her books and ordered exercise equipment for my desk.

"Don’t just sit there" is the title of one of those books and, on many levels, my new mantra. Physically, DJST is a way to wellness by moving more and moving more of your body. Here's how Katy recently explained it...

"Realize that when you say or think ‘convenience,’ it’s another way of saying, ‘reduces movement.’ It is easy to see the movement imbalance of 1 hour exercising vs. 23 hours of not exercising. More subtle is seeing how your daily life is comprised of a lot of seemingly innocuous ways you’ve outsourced your body’s work. One of the reasons I focus just as much on non-exercise-y movements as I do on exercise type movements is that I feel that the 10,000 outsourcings a day during the 23 or 24 hours of your time hold the most potential for radical change. Be on the lookout for these things." Witness a day in a movement-rich life

I can't wait to share more of Katy's important work with you. For now, consider this:

  • What are some movements you can reintroduce to your day?
  • Which "jobs" can you bring back home?
  • How can you move more of you more often?