Make America Vacation Again

Dear Friends, 

There's an important decision facing the nation. How will we spend the remainder of our vacation days in 2016?

Taking time off, whether dream vacation, stay-cation or long weekend, is a healthy habit that has the power to increase peace and happiness, right up there with exercise and diet. However, a report by Project: Time Off estimates that American employees lost 222 million vacation days in 2015 that couldn’t be rolled over or paid out.

So let’s make a Restorative Yoga Club pact. For our own benefit and the benefit of the ones we love, set the intention today to leave no vacation days behind in 2016. You've earned them. Here's how to get started:  

Step 1: Check your vacation bank to see if there are any days that won't roll over to 2017. This will help you determine how urgently you need to complete Step 2. 

Step 2: Plan. Luckily, planning a vacation is part of the fun!