Turn this beauty secret into a beauty habit

Photo by  Jeff Sheldon

Photo by Jeff Sheldon

Wanna know the secret to feeling at ease and all right? Arrange a close encounter with beauty.

For example, watch the sunrise, watch the sunset, spend time with a child (even better, a baby!), solo kayak to an island in the middle of a lake, go to the museum...your options are limitless!

How does it feel? Hopefully a little something like this…

In my experience, an onset of beauty combines extremes of stimulation and relaxation. My mind is hyperalert. My body is at ease. Often I am aware of my shoulders coming down as unconscious muscular tension lets go. My mood soars. I have a conviction of goodness in all things. I feel that everything is going to be all right. Later I am pleasantly a little tired all over, as after swimming.

- Notes on Beauty by Peter Schjeldahl

Now that's easy, breezy, beautiful.