I saw the sign

Ah, the pause sign. Two vertical lines that simply and perfectly symbolize the mission of the Restorative Yoga Club.

Over here at club headquarters recently, we’ve been celebrating the stories of RYC members and their encounters with subtle, everyday reminders from the universe to pause. And we’d love for you to join in! Here's how:

  1. Pay attention to the people, places and things around you.
  2. When you're presented with a reminder to pause, pause.
  3. Take a big, slow inhale.
  4. Then exhale, even slower.
  5. Thank the universe for the reminder to pause, out loud or silently.
  6. If you want to share your experience with the club, post a picture of the sign on Instagram using #findingyourpause and tag @restorativeyoga.club.

Just remember, if you see something [that looks like a pause sign], say something.

Photo by  Cubby Graham , RYC member since 2016

Photo by Cubby Graham, RYC member since 2016