The Life-Changing Magic of Looking Up

Photo by  Greg Rakozy

Photo by Greg Rakozy

Last night, in a basement below Times Square, a friendly magician reminded me why it’s important to have awesome experiences on the regular. And when I say “awesome” I mean awe-inspiring, wonder-filled moments that are difficult to grasp and might even take your breath away. 

Studies show that awe can increase contentment, connectedness, generosity and even your brain’s processing power. Here are two ways to magically make your life more awesome!

  • Look up
    What do you see? A really tall tree? The stars? That thing you’re feeling is awe! Researcher Paul Piff of the University of California, Irvine, adds, "Experiences of awe attune people to things larger than themselves. They cause individuals to feel less entitled, less selfish, and to behave in more generous and helping ways" (Sifferlin, Alexandra. "The healing power of nature." Time. 25 July 2016, pp. 24-26). 
  • Google less
    While I'm tempted to Google the secrets behind Justin's mind-blowing tricks, I want to believe in magic more. When we Google less, there's wonder around every corner and a bunny inside every magician's top hat.  
Photo by  Cubby Graham

Photo by Cubby Graham