A new holiday tradition

It’s in our history, in our mourning, and even in our dreams.
It’s in the sky and the earth and in us.
Both angry and playful and always there,

like a spring just beneath our feet.
Plants, animals and people gathered around it
like their lives depended on it.
Because they did. They still do.

[Today] there’s the same amount of water on earth
as there was when it was formed.
It stays the same and yet it is always changing.
Solid, liquid, gas.
And just like water, our lives can change forms too.
And we can become something else entirely.

These are the opening lines of charity: water’s latest documentary, The Spring. This holiday season, I encourage you to set aside 21 minutes and watch this important film, surrounded by the ones you love. Pop some kernels, light a fire, make this a new holiday tradition. It will remind you of all the lovingkindness there is in the world and all the opportunities we still have to practice lovingkindness together.