Secret's in the savasana (plus new 20-minute guided relaxation)

Savasana literally translates to corpse pose. How's that for a mental image? It's an effective one, as the whole point of savasana is to lie down and do nothing.

And there's the challenge. How easily we're able to let the outside go depends on many factors: our current mood, old ideas about how we should spend our time, what just happened or what's next. 

Perhaps that's also the secret and why the list of savasana's benefits is long, including helping relieve mild depression, high blood pressure, headaches, fatigue, and insomnia. Some even say the effects of 20 minutes of savasana are equal to two hours of sleep. 

Guided 20-minute savasana
I believe taking time out is so important to your health and wellness that I've created the 20-minute guided savasana below for you to follow. You can practice any time of day, in the morning, afternoon or before bed as a sleep aid. All you need is a pillow or a bolster and a couple of blankets. Just find a comfortable spot to lay down and listen. I'll take care of the rest. 

Ready... set... do nothing!

Music: River Meditation by Jason Shaw and Cylinder Nine by Chris Zabriskie