Lovingkindness: Stronger together

Like equanimity, lovingkindness is one of the four brahma viharas or "qualities of our best home.” When we practice the brahma viharas, we feel safe, at ease, like being at home. Even though we’re not always there, we know how sweet it feels when we return.


a fundamental sense of connection; paying attention;
recognizing that everybody matters and everybody wants to be happy

We're blessed with endless opportunities to practice lovingkindness on the daily. Here are some examples:

  • Treat yourself with care. Lovingkindness starts with you. 
  • Send someone an unexpected thank you note. 
  • Send good vibes in someone's direction (not limited to friends and family).
  • Offer your subway seat to someone. They don't even have to be pregnant. 
  • Listen, not just for your turn to talk, but really listen to what someone is saying. 
  • Smile at a stranger. Worst case: They think you're a little crazy. Best case: You brighten their day. Worth it!
  • You can even practice lovingkindness when you're stuck in traffic. Watch the video below to find out how.